It’s Shark Week. Here Are Some Actual Facts.

Shark feeding show on Great Barrier Reef.

KILLER SHARKS! MEGA SHARKS! SHARK DISASTERS!  Shark Weeks on cable is great for people who don’t really care about or know about sharks. But….


Here’s a link to a article I like from 2015 on “Sharks as you won’t see them on Shark Week: Intelligent and remarkably social  animals.”

Nurse shark, vacationing in Belize.


And  here are some facts from the University of Florida’s Florida Museum on the risks of being killed by sharks compared to other possibilities (hint: you’re much more likely to be killed by lightning as by sharks).

AND MORE FACTS!   I’ve also linked to a post by the U.K.-based International Business Times on “10 amazing and little-known facts on Shark Awareness Day.”


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