Odd, interesting things about life under the sea.

Don’t Mess with Squid Eggs!

SOMETIMES, DURING DIVES, YOU ENCOUNTER THESE THINGS attached to the bottom. They’re squid eggs. Here’s a hint: Don’t Mess With Them! Remember Kirk Douglas battling the giant squid in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea? It’s could be like that. Maybe. DESIGNED TO DRIVE GUYS MAD! When a female squid deposits her eggs on the seafloor, she also imbues them with a protein that essentially drives male squids crazy – not about her but about the eggs.

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The Shrimp’s Tiny Treadmill; No, It Didn’t Cost $3 Million

WHEN MARINE BIOLOGIST DAVID SCHOLNICK WANTED TO CONDUCT RESEARCH on how changes in the oceans might affect the ability of marine organisms to fight infections, he settled on a study involving shrimp – since a shrimp’s ability to remove bacteria from its body could have an impact on bacteria that might end up in seafood. Since shrimp are active creatures in the oceans, it seemed important to study the shrimp’s immune response during activity. So

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