The horsehow crab article

Horseshoe Crabs: Weird, Wonderful & Amazing

WEIRD AND WONDERFUL CREATURES, HORSESHOE CRABS are survivors from life’s earliest times who almost certainly have saved your life. And, they’re almost spiders. For the record, they’re not crabs in any way. If all that sounds overblown, consider the following horseshoe crab facts: 1)   THEY’RE WEIRD & WONDERFUL Beneath their dome-like carapaces, horseshoe crabs walk around the seafloor on 10 legs and they view the world with 10 eyes spread around their bodies, some on

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Horseshoe Crabs Need Some Love

HORSESHOE CRABS ARE “LIVING FOSSILS,” a group of animals that have been on Earth since before the dinosaurs. Beside being intriguing members of the web of life in their own right – they’re not actually crabs, but four species in a far different arthropod family – they immensely benefit us all. BLOOD WILL TELL   Their bluish, coppery blood is regularly harvested for a unique clotting agent that is used to test for bacterial contamination during the production

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