About Poseidon’s Web – Explain the Reef!

  BY PROFESSION, I’M A SCIENCE WRITER whose instinct is to want to learn about things, about how they are and how they came to be that way. And then to tell everyone. BY PASSION, I’M A DIVER. I’ve been diving since 1993, mostly in the Caribbean but also in Australia, the Philippines and the Galapagos. Some diving in New England, although my wife and I moved to Houston in 2013 for family reasons, where

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About Photos

MOST OF THE PHOTOS USED ON POSEIDON’S WEB are my own, taken during some 25 years of diving around the world (and, say 15 or so of serious photography). It should be easy to perceive that both my equipment and skills have evolved over time. PUBLIC DOMAIN    I also use photos that are in the public domain, either from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric and other government agencies, and from Wikimedia Commons, where generous

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