“The world’s loneliest whale may not be alone after all” – BBC Earth

Blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) Length; 90-110 feet. (Click on the image to reed the BBC Earth article.)

THE “LONELIEST WHALE IN THE WORLD” HAS GAINED FAME AS A LEVIATHAN that travels the world’s oceans emitting a unique call in an unrequited search for another of its kind.

At least, that’s the legend surrounding the “52-Hertz Whale,” so-called because his whale song is so different from those of other whales. Although similar to blue whale calls, they come at a frequency of 52Hz, much higher than blue and fin whales.


Its singular song has been recorded at listening posts around the planet. And around his travels, a legend grew – that it is perhaps the last of its species, or a hybrid of blue and fin whales, forever doomed to call out for a companion that will never come.

Now an article from BBC Earth suggests that the Lonely Guy may not be Mr. Solo after all. His song may be a variation on normal blue and fin whale calls and not impossibly singular. And, in fact, his call is changing.

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