Here’s to “Badass Corals!”

Pillar coral (Family: Meandrindae) often looks “fuzzy;” Its polyps tend to remain extended during the day.

IT SEEMED A GOOD IDEA:  Develop a website about life under the sea and include environmental news, research findings and other developments relevant to the web of life under the sea.

It turns out that environmental news about the Reef is overwhelmingly depressing. Most news, studies, predictions and trends seem to suggest losses in corals, changing ocean conditions and sharks and other fishes pushed farther into endangered categories.

A GLIMMER OF OPTIMISM   So here’s a more positive view, a TED talk by a coral reef specialist about Why I Still Have Hope for Coral Reefs.” Here’s a link to her talk.

Ralph Fuller, Poseidon’s Web Publisher, Editor, Writer, Chief File Clerk, Science Officer and Dog Walker