A Great Fish Backscratch, Caught in an Awesome Video

A video of a diver giving a great fish backscratch in Hawaii.
Please click on this screenshot to view the video.

SOMETIMES THERE’S NOTHING BETTER THAN A GOOD BACKSCRATCH. Clearly, the same is true for fish. I referenced this video at the end of an earlier post on fish “flashing,” a fishy habit of rubbing fish their bodies on the seafloor, possibly to scrape off parasites, or possibly in search of a good fish backscratch.


This video is so delightful I decided to post it in its own right. It’s a segment of a longer video posted by Oahu Diving. In their description, Oahu Diving mentions the astounding luck of encountering this friend balloonfish the “first time diving in Hawaii.”

As a fish backscratch, it’s delightful. We should all be so lucky. The segment captured in the first video is about two minutes in.

Here’s another YouTube video of a damselfish (not sure what kind) in an aquarium that likes to be petted. So some fish are friendly, some are skittish.


Actually, you’re not supposed to go around touching things on the reef. But it’s still endearing.