Flower Garden Banks – A Manta Ray Nursery

manta nursery
A diver photographs a juvenile, a denizen of the manta ray nursery at Flower Garden Banks, off the Texas coast.

MANTA RAYS ARE FOUND IN OCEANS WORLDWIDE, BUT MANTA RAY JUVENILES ARE RARELY SEEN. Except, it develops, in the newly recognized manta ray nursery in the Gulf of Mexico’s Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary.

When visiting manta specialist Josh Stewart told Flower Gardens staff he had spotted only the second juvenile he had ever seen, their response was: they see them all the time. Apparently, they assumed the smaller mantas were a different species rather than juvenile offspring of the adults oceanic manta rays (Manta birostris) that frequent the sanctuary.

Nobody realized that Flower Garden Banks was a manta ray nursery all along.


Adult oceanic mantas grow to “wingspans” of 10 – 23 ft/3 – 7 m. Many of the mantas found in Flower Gardens come more like 7 feet. Studying records kept over 25 years, Stewart and his Flower Gardens colleagues concluded that most of the mantas found in the sanctuary are juveniles, the complete opposite of open ocean manta populations.

Manta rays’ bodies each have distinctive patterns of spots and blotches, making it possible to identify individuals. The sanctuary maintains a catalog of dozens of known Manta birostris specimens. Stewart and his colleague from the sanctuary reported on their findings in the journal Marine Biology.


What factors work to make Flower Gardens’ a manta ray nursery? While adults typically move between shallow and deep waters in their pursuit of zooplankton, the smaller, more vulnerable juveniles may find that the relatively shallow habitats of the sanctuary may offer them better and safer conditions to grow in. Also, sanctuary waters are protected from commercial fishing.

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