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A sharpnose pufferfish among a stand of staghorn coral at Ol’ Blue, one of my favorite dive sites on Bonaire.

BY PROFESSION, I’M A SCIENCE WRITER whose instinct is to want to learn about things, about how they are and how they came to be that way. And then to tell everyone.


I’ve been diving since 1993, mostly in the Caribbean but also in Australia, the Philippines and the Galapagos. Some diving in New England, although my wife and I moved to Houston in 2013 for family reasons, where we are engaged in spoiling rotten the cutest grandchildren ever.


I’m a competent recreational diver, meaning that I don’t do caves or wreck penetration or dives to 300 feet.

Actually, I’m a mechanical klutz. But I’m good with life, as in spotting and being curious about the living things we see in the waters we dive in. I’m as interested in little things like roughhead blennies (possibly more) as in great white sharks, and in behaviors as much as in names and colors.


I had a whole career in marketing and public relations for nonprofits, predominantly at a teaching hospital in Boston. Since I retired to freelance in 2002, I’ve focused mostly on science and medicine.

But it seemed natural to combine my journalistic skills with my affinity for meeting up with animals under the sea. And explain them. Anybody with a C-card, a mask and an air tank can go underwater and see stuff. The trick is understanding what you’re looking at. That’s why Poseidon’s Web is here!

AVAILABLE FOR HIRE  Oh, yeah. If by some remote chance you would be interested in seeing my professional site, with a portfolio of  projects, go to www.ralphfuller.com.

Again, thanks for reading. I welcome comments and suggestions.

Ralph Fuller, Editor & Publisher

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