“Cosmic Connections”

“THEN THE OCEAN FLOOR SUDDENLY FELL AWAY. We were hovering like unharnessed window washers on a vast wall of rock and coral, the outermost edge of the second-longest barrier reef in the world, the boundary of the big deep.”We were looking for a pod of dolphins that had graced these parts the day before. But I wasn’t prepared for infinity.”

— New York Times science writer Dennis Overbye

GOOD BUOYANCY IS IMPORTANT IN DIVING – REALLY, REALLY IMPORTANT.  But there’s another kind of buoyancy – the spiritual instincts that we find in the midst of the circle of marine life.

Let’s put it this way: My wife makes me go diving periodically to find my head.

Here’s a commentary that the excellent New York Times science writer Dennis Overbye wrote in the Times a couple of years ago. It’s worth reading.To do so, click HERE.