It’s a Lionfish Roomba for the Reef

IT’S LIKE A ROOMBA MACHINE THAT CAN VACUUM YOUR HOME, except that this robot vacuums up lionfishes. The folks who founded iRobot have used their expertise to  develop the Guardian LF1, a robot that can chase the invasive fishes down to otherwise inaccessible depths. In many areas, Lionfish Derbies and the enthusiasm of individual divers have done an admirable job of culling lionfishes from diver-friendly depths. But it’s clear that large numbers of lionfishes survive in deeper waters,

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Red Lionfishes – Invasive, Exotic, Crafty

PACIFIC RED LIONFISHES (PTEROIS VOLITANS) ARE PROBABLY BETTER KNOWN TODAY as destructive invaders of the Atlantic/Caribbean basin than as the strikingly dramatic, even exotic, fishes they have always been in their native Indo-Pacific basins. Since their introduction into Florida waters in the 1980s, P. volitans has spread throughout the western Atlantic and Caribbean, in some locations achieving more dense populations than in their native Pacific habitats – and affecting fish population of their new homes.

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