The Sunken Heritage of Midway Atoll

THE NATIONAL OCEANIC & ATMOSPHERIC ADMINISTRATION’S Okeanos Explorer is pretty  much continually engaged in expeditions to understand the Earth’s seas and the life in it. BATTLE OF MIDWAY, JUNE, 1942   In this NOAA posting, Okeanos Explorer scientists/ explorers sought to mark this year’s 75th anniversary of the Battle of Midway and honor the legacy of the men who fought in this pivotal battle. LOST WARPLANES   “Warbirds on the Seafloor: Sunken Aircraft Archaeology and the Search for

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The Philippines: In the Triangle

MY POST IN THE ORIGINS SECTION, “The Far Side of the World: Geohistory & the Triangle of Diversity,”  helps explain why we in the U.S. pay much more money and travel much longer distances to dive in the Pacific rather than the Atlantic/ Caribbean. ICE AGE EXTINCTIONS    At one time ocean life was uniformly distributed worldwide along the Equator, but the movements of continents and the rise and fall of sea level ensured that many

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