The Shrimp-Goby Connection: An Ocean Odd Couple

GOOGLE THIS FISH, THE SPOTTED PRAWN GOBY, and most of the posts you’ll find are for the aquarium trade; Amblyeleotris guttata appears to be a popular fish for home saltwater aquariums. carries a listing for it, but it’s largely related to it colors, size and distribution (which is the Western Pacific from the Philippines down to the Great Barrier Reef at Australia; this photo was taken on the GBR). IT’S A SHRIMPGOBY   All of

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Fish Watching Fish

IT APPEARS THAT DIVERS ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES who watch the fishes under the sea. The roughhead blenny at front center is clearly interested in the doings of the sharknose gobies (Elacatinus evelynae) sharing its coralhead on Bonaire. A ROOM WITH A VIEW   Basically, that’s what these little blennies do: Sit in their windows in the coral watching the world outside. And grabbing plankton out of the passing current. The gobies, of course, are waiting for a client to appear,

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