Bow wave-Riding Dolphins, a Humpback Baby Boom & Other Trending Reads

In this YouTube video by TexasHighDef, a dolphin surfs the bow wave of a freighter entering Port Arthur, TX. Click on this screenshot to view.
Click this screen shot to view video. YouTube video by petebicheno.

“DAREDEVIL DOLPHINS”  Hakai Magazine (Separate YouTube videos featured)  Dolphins are famed for riding the bow waves of boats. There’s no clear reason, and it’s basically risky behavior. It was long thought they did it for additional propulsion. But, perhaps it’s play, perhaps it’s compulsive. Or, maybe they’re teenage kids out joyriding.

“HUMPBACK BABY BOOM NEAR ANTARCTICA”  New York Times  Humpback whales that live and breed in the Southern Ocean around Antarctica are experiencing an increase in pregnancies.

WHALE SHARK LOGS LONGEST-RECORDED TRANS-PACIFIC MIGRATION News  We don’t really know that much about whale sharks but we know that one named Anne was tagged off the coast of Panama, in the eastern Pacific and swam all the way to Guam in the western Pacific (not all at once; it took more than a year). The 12,000-mile/20,000 kilometer trek was the longest ever recorded for a whale shark.

“CLOWN FISH NEED MORE ENERGY TO LIVE IN A BLEACHED HOME” New York Times  Sea anemones, like corals, can lose photosynthetic algae and “bleach” as the ocean warms.  Although the anemones may continue to live, the anemone fishes that live with them become stressed, research shows.

“CHESAPEAKE BAY GRASS RESURGENCE IS FIRST BIG CONSERVATION SUCCESS TIED TO HUMANS, SCIENTISTS SAY”  Norfolk Virginian Pilot   Efforts to clean up the Bay, included “pollution diet” that restricted the flow of things like fertilizer runoff.

REVERSING EARTH’S SPIN MOVES DESERTS, RESHAPES OCEAN CURRENTS   EOS Earth & Space Science News   If the Earth were rotating in the opposite direction, ocean currents would be quite different, the Eastern U.S. would be warmer and Europe colder. There would be no Sahara but the Southeastern U.S. and parts of South America would be deserts. They don’t mention it, but the reefs would be in different places.