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Conch Eyes & Zen

FOR MANY OF US, DIVING IS ZEN, A MEDITATIVE EXPERIENCE. For me, communing with our fellow travelers under the sea is a major part of it. Spending time on the sandy bottom contemplating a queen conch while its (somewhat eerie) conch eyes contemplate me is a part of that. Some places are better for conch fellowship than others. I’ve found friendly conchs at Little Cayman, Roatan and in the Bahamas (this queen conch specimen was

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World Oceans Day! Things You Can Do.

EACH YEAR, JUNE 8TH IS RECOGNIZED AS WORLD OCEANS DAY, with the goal of focusing attention on the state of our oceans and its needs. SO FIRST!  Reflect on the beauty, serenity and meaning we find when we visit the reef. Not to mention the oceans’ role in feeding the world, helping control the climate and giving us great beaches. SECOND: DON’T MESS IT UP! Drawn from a post at the beginning of the year

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