Poseidon’s Web is a site committed to explaining life, connection and buoyancy under the sea.

BY PROFESSION, I’M A WRITER AND EDITOR, skilled at  interpreting complex information and expressing it in clear and readable terms.

BY PASSION, I’M A DIVER. I’ve been diving since 1993, in the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Australia, the Philippines and the Galapagos. As a science writer, my instinct is to want to learn about things, about how they are and how they came to be that way. And then to tell everyone. Poseidon’s Web lets me combine both those aspects of my life, and share them with others.

SAYING THAT I’M EXPLAINING LIFE UNDER THE SEA is self-explanatory. I try to write about the community of life we see underwater, whether the 80 species of parrotfishes in the world or the multiple essential roles of algae in the oceans.

BY CONNECTION, I MEAN THAT THE OCEANS are the places where life began on Earth, and many signs of that are still with us, from sea jellies to stromatolites.

BY BUOYANCY, I MEAN THE PSYCHOLOGICAL STUFF. Yeah, we should all strive for physical buoyancy in diving. But I’m talking about the spiritual uplift many of us find on a dive. My wife, who doesn’t dive, makes me go periodically to get my head straight.

See: Passion and therapy combined!

Ralph Fuller, Editor & Publisher, Poseidon’s Web

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  1. I have just retired from the SC Aquarium and am envious of you divers.
    We have a Sea Turtle Hospital, have rehabilitated and released over 200 turtles in the last 17 years.
    I have been fascinated with the octopuses we have had and recently read “The Soul of an Octopus,” by Sy Montgomery. In the New England Aquarium the Giant Pacific Octopus interacts with the handlers.
    I would be interested in any observations, experiences any of you have had with these smart Cephalopods.
    Ralph, thank you for this awesome website.

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